Phoenix pre-alpha is here!

We're proud to announce our project is finally ready for pre-alpha testing!
Developers: Check out the Developers wanted section below!
Everyone else: Grab your copy now!


What is Phoenix?

Phoenix is a multi-system emulator and library manager designed to be both powerful and easy to use. Powered by Qt 5 and Libretro, it is available on Windows, OS X and Linux. Free now and forever under GPL v2.

We've designed Phoenix with the hope that it'll be perfect for everyone, whether you're someone who hardly plays videogames, a hardcore gamer, a speedrunner, or even a homebrew programmer!

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Powerful library system

We've made it easy to organize your game collection. Have a massive, multi-gigabyte backup archive? Phoenix will easily chew through it, downloading high-quality cover art and game information along with automatically grouping multiple regions and versions of a game into a single library entry.

If you need additional files to run a game, we will let you know and point you in the right direction. No confusing error messages!

Coming soon...


We've extensively studied techniques used by other frontends (along with our own work) to get the absolute best possible emulation performance and accuracy. The end result is a smooth, low-latency experience even a speedrunner will love.

Coming soon...

Developers wanted

We are in need of developers of all types to assist on the project, whether you're a C/C++ programmer, Qt expert, web designer, UI designer, or even a proofreader, we need you!

Please visit us on Discord, contact us via IRC at #phoenix-dev on Freenode or contact athairus via email (he's on gmail under that name!)